Collage of Salon, Straight Razor, Woman with short hair and bangs, man with hair brushed back and beard, sterilization container, woman with curls, and woman with hair pulled back in curls.
Text: Outside-the-box creativity and inspiration
Looping video of blonde woman doing a hair flip.

The Wayward Parlor is the Atlanta hair destination for discerning clients who bypass the genericism of commercial salons and instead see their hairstyles as mini art installations born of creativity and inspiration. The salon strive to be a vegan and cruelty free salon and have options for those who are seeking those services.

Founded and operated by seasoned stylist and artist Alana Fuselier, the Wayward Parlor offers a highly personalized and personable experience, establishing long-time relationships with clients who trust Alana’s vision, rely on her expertise, and value her outside-the-box approach.

Alana—a plucky, indefatiguable, and bold single mother—founded The Wayward Parlor because she believes in her East Point community and she wanted to start a space close enough to home to accommodate her and her daughter’s schedules. For you, that means cool digs with a cool lady who can cut, color, and style the hell out of your hair.

Where to Find Us

We're located in East Point, at 2705 Church St suite B, East Point, GA 30344

INSIDER 36: East POint, Wayward Parlor with Alana

Alana Fuselier has always done things differently. Her vision for Wayward Parlor is for community focused and welcoming hair salon that caters to those who dare to be different. She is launching late fall of 2017 on Church Street in East Point.

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